maandag 30 april 2012

Pressing News

This is one of my latest projects I have been working on, creating my own fictional newspaper.
I have been replacing the pictures with my own lino prints.
Lots of fun collecting crazy news articles!

This is an article about a chill out tent in the West End where night cats can drink a cup of coffee before going home

Cannibals having a little dinner party

Horses getting injured and put down

Swaziland protesters

An elk that ate so much fermented fruit it got stuck in a tree

dinsdag 24 april 2012

Liliyang Accessories

Recently I had the pleasure to work with the team from the accessory label Liliyang  for their new campaign.
This is where I met Nathalie who has a blog called No No Coco and she  posted a really nice piece about me on her blog!

Other exciting news, the next fews weeks I will be working on a one of a kind piece for Liliyang where I will get to draw on one of their leather bags and card holders.
At the moment I have been doing research on what the best technique is to paint on leather which can be quite tricky but I am very much looking forward to this collaboration.

Have a look at Nathalie's blog here